Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Aderoju Ademoroti, President of OMP, Donates N1m

Those who know Aderoju Ademoroti know that he’s involved in a variety of business-related ventures.  The successful businessman and entrepreneur graduated from the University of London in 1997, but that doesn’t mean he ended his educational experiences there. Aderoju Ademoroti returned to school – this time in his home country of Nigeria – at the Lagos Business School.  He graduated from the Lagos Business School in 2010, but has continued to stay involved ever since.

In 2010, Aderoju Ademoroti became the President of the Owners Managers Programme (OMP 13) Class of the Lagos Business School.  His role as President is multifaceted, and demands a great deal of energy that he has been willing to sacrifice.

However, the hard work paid off, and one of Ademoroti’s proudest moments came along this year (2011) when he was able to donate one million Naira to the Lagos Business School endowment fund on behalf of his class. Aderoju Ademoroti made this donation to the Director of Alumni Relations, Henry Onukwuba at the Victoria Island campus.  

Ademoroti’s Vice President, Muyiwa Adekeye, witnessed the donation, and was also present as Aderoju Ademoroti swore in his allegiance to the alumna of the Lagos Business School.  The importance of a good business school education has always been tremendously important to Aderoju Ademoroti.

After receiving a first-class education at the Lagos Business School, Aderoju Ademoroti felt like taking on this role as President of the Owner Managers Programme was the least he could do to reciprocate.  Though this class donation of one million Naira marks his most significant action as President, Aderoju Ademoroti hopes to have many more successes serving the alumna of Lagos Business School.

Aderoju Ademoroti cherishes any opportunity to give back to those organizations and institutions that have helped him along the way.  He hopes that he will continue to be able to do so for years to come.